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Magnify Element.png
Serge using Magnify
Japanese Name マナコール
Type Magic
Color White
Allocation Level 6±2
Target All Enemies & Allies
User Any
Price 1670 G
Vendor locations Guldove (Home World)
Marbule (Both Worlds)
Stolen From Dodo (Male, Rare Steal) in
Fossil Valley and Shadow Forest (Home World)
PortalGheist (Common Steal) in Viper Manor (Another World)
Radius (Boss) (Rare steal) in
Arni (Home World)
Treasure Chests Chronopolis
Description Temporarily increases Element damage by 1.5

Magnify (マナコール mana kōru?, "Mana Call") is a 6th-level White Element in Chrono Cross. When used, it temporarily increases Element damage by 1.5. Note that this effect does not just apply to party members, but to enemies as well.

It is the counterpart to Diminish, a black element spell which decreases magic damage by half.

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