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Cure (Element)

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This article is about the Tech from Chrono Trigger. You may be looking for Cure (Element) from Chrono Cross.
Cure Element.png
Serge used Cure on Kid.
Japanese Name ケア
Type Magic
Color Blue
Allocation Level 1±7
Target One Enemy/Ally
User Any
Price 100 G
Sell 25 G
Description Restores HP (Small)

Cure (ケア kea?, "Care") is a 1st-level Blue Element in Chrono Cross. It heals a small amount of HP when used in battle.

Usage Info[edit | edit source]

Unlike consumable healing elements like Tablets, each Cure equipped to a character's element grid can only be used once per battle, however, unlike consumables cure is effectively infinite outside of an individual battle. Also, again in contrast to consumable healing elements, Cure cannot be used outside of battle, with the following exception.

When a battle has ended and if a character is damaged, players will be given three options: to heal using non-consumable elements, to heal using consumable elements, or to continue without healing. If the choice is made to use non-consumable elements, and a character with Cure equipped to their element grid has enough stamina to perform Cure (and it hasn't already been used in battle), then it can be used in this manner. Otherwise, the only ways to heal HP outside of battle are to use consumable healing elements or to sleep (such as at an inn).