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Green (Element)

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This article is about the Green (Element) for Chrono Cross. For other elements, see Element Lists.

Here are various Green elements used in Chrono Cross.

Name Allocation
Type Target Description
TurnGreen 1/7 Magic Single Enemy/Ally Turn enemy's attribute / ally's attacks green
Bushwhacker 1/7 Magic Single Enemy Slices enemy with a cloud of whirling leaves
Antidote 2/0 Consumable Single Ally Heals poison and green status effects
Heal 2/6 Magic Single Enemy/Ally Restores HP (Small)
AeroSaucer 2/6 Magic Single Enemy Throws blades of razor-sharp air to slice enemy
AntiYellow (*) 3/5 Magic Single Enemy Temporarily seals yellow Elements
Bushbasher 3/5 Magic Single Enemy Encases enemy in a cage of thorny brambles. Inflicts Poison.
HealAll 4/4 Magic All Allies Restores HP (Medium)
EagleEye 4/4 Magic Single Ally Temporarily increases your attack Hit%
BatEye 4/4 Magic Single Enemy Temporarily decreases enemy's attack Hit%
AeroBlaster 4/4 Magic Single Enemy Shoots a sonic blast at your enemy. Inflicts Afraid.
GreenField 5/3 Field Effect All Enemies & Allies Colors all field attributes green
Carnivore 5/0 Trap All Enemies Set trap to catch Carnivore Element
Carnivore 5/3 Magic All Enemies A humongous Venus Flytrap devours enemies. Inflicts Poison.
HealPlus (*) 6/2 Magic Single Enemy/Ally Restores HP (Large)
InfoScope (*) 6/2 Magic Single Enemy Detects your opponent's HP data
Tornado 6/0 Trap All Enemies Set trap to catch Tornado Element
Tornado (*) 6/2 Magic All Enemies Causes a cyclone that batters enemies to bits
Sonja 7/0 Trap All Enemies Set trap to catch Sonja Element
Sonja (*) 7/2 Summon All Enemies Summons a forest dryad to sprinkle poison dust. Inflicts Poison.
Genie (*) 8/0 Summon All Enemies A wind djinn blows your enemies away with a twister