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FullRevival (Element).png
Riddel using FullRevival on Kid.
Type Magic
Color White
Allocation Level 5±3
Target One Ally
User Innate white only
Description Recovers incapacitated status and heals all HP

FullRevival (リターン ritān?, "Return") is a 5th-level White Element in Chrono Cross. When used, it resurrects an incapacitated ally and heals all their HP. It can only be used by characters with an innate White color.

How to Obtain[edit | edit source]

There is only one FullRevival in the game, found in Marbule (Home World). To get it, you must do the optional quest to restore Marbule to its former glory in Home World. When this quest has been completed (i.e. you heard the Song of Marbule and defeated all the Lagoonate enemies), you must then wait until after you've defeated Dark Serge in Fort Dragonia (Home World) and regained Serge. After this, revisit Marbule and it will now be rebuilt. Talk to the townsperson at the entrance and he should give you this element.

The Master Hammer (necessary to forge the extremely powerful Prism equipment) and Quill and Papyrus Frame can also be acquired here at this time.

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