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Doc uses Gnarly.
Type Magic
Color White
Allocation Level 5±5
Target Single Enemy
User Doc
Description A chiropractic attack that crushes a foe's bones.

Gnarly (ボーンブレイク , Bōn bureiku, lit. Bone Break?) is Doc's Level 5 tech in Chrono Cross. Learned after acquiring 5 boss stars, Doc uses his chiropractic knowledge offensively to deal mediocre damage to a single foe.

Description[edit | edit source]

Doc will clasp his two hands together, collecting a bright orb of light within. He will then literally slide forward, much like a surfer would, and aim the orb of light onto the selected target, which explodes upon contact. The target will then be observed to waver in and out of focus before collapsing onto the ground.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Gnarly is slang for something extreme (used in bad and good cases). The word was popularized by surfers, which Doc strongly resembles both in attitude, fashion, and origin -- since he hails from Guldove, an island that prides on aquatic transportation.