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A Sprigg-transformed Combat using BatBeam on a TotalChaos.
Type Magic
Color Black
Target Single Enemy
User Combat

BatBeam (刻印 , Kokuin, lit. Engrave?) is a Black Enemy Tech used by Combats in Chrono Cross. This tech enables the Combat to imprint a marking of itself onto a selected target to deal mediocre damage.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Combat will start off by flapping its wings in order to gain momentum. Gusts of wind will gather at the spot where it was previously perching on, as the Combat gains height with each flap of its wings. When it reaches a certain height, it will lower its head, gathering tiny orbs of purple energy into its body. These orbs will then be re-arranged to form a bat-like imprint, whereupon a beam of radiant light will shine down onto the target to engulf it. Bat imprints are then observed to rush through this light beam at a rapid pace, which stop as the Combat flaps its wings once more to lower itself back onto the ground.