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The BlueMoaman preparing to use IceSword.
Type Magic
Color Blue
Target Single Enemy
User BlueMoaman
For the Chrono Trigger tech, see Ice Sword.

IceSword (氷の剣 , Kōri no ken?) is a Blue Enemy Tech used by the BlueMoaman in Chrono Cross. This tech enables the BlueMoaman to summon a sword of ice to inflict fairly heavy damage onto a selected target.

Description[edit | edit source]

The BlueMoaman will start off by raising his right wing, whereupon a blue flash of light will materialize. The blue flash of light will then form the shape of a short-sword, whereupon the BlueMoaman will dash forward and swing the blade at the target a total of three times. Before performing the last swing, the BlueMoaman will do a somersault in the air before bringing the blade down heavily onto the target. Clusters of snowflakes form each time the blade comes into contact with the target's body.