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Blue (Element)

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This article is about the Blue (Element) for Chrono Cross. For other elements, see Element Lists.

Here are various Blue elements used in Chrono Cross.

Name Allocation
Type Target Description
TurnBlue 1/7 Magic Single Enemy/Ally Turn enemy's attribute / ally's attacks blue
Cure 1/7 Magic Single Enemy/Ally Restores HP (Small)
AquaBeam 1/7 Magic Single Enemy Blasts enemy with high-pressure water stream
Medicine 2/0 Consumable Single Ally Heals the flu and blue status effects
IceLance 2/6 Magic Single Enemy Hurls an icicle spear at unsuspecting enemy
AntiRed (*) 3/5 Magic Single Enemy Temporarily seals red Elements
CurePlus 3/5 Magic Single Enemy/Ally Restores HP (Medium)
AquaBall 3/5 Magic Single Enemy Hurls a large sphere of water at opponent. Inflicts Flu.
Nimble 4/4 Magic Single Ally Temporarily increases physical Evade%
Numble 4/4 Magic Single Enemy Temporarily decreases physical Evade%
IceBlast 4/4 Magic Single Ally Freezes your enemy in a cage of ice. Inflicts Frozen.
BlueField 5/3 Field Effect All Enemies & Allies Colors all field attributes blue
CureAll (*) 5/3 Magic All Allies Restores HP (Large)
Deluge 5/0 Trap All Enemies Set trap to catch Deluge Element
Deluge 5/3 Magic All Enemies Inundates enemies in icy-cold floodwaters. Inflicts Flu.
Vigora (*) 6/2 Magic Singly Ally Temporarily stops your stamina from decreasing
Iceberg 6/0 Trap All Enemies Set trap to catch Iceberg Element
Iceberg (*) 6/2 Magic All Enemies Hails large chunks of ice down on enemies. Inflicts Frozen.
FrogPrince 7/0 Trap All Enemies Set trap to catch FrogPrince Element
FrogPrince (*) 7/2 Summon All Enemies Summons Frog Prince to perform a water attack
BlueWhale (*) 8/0 Summon All Enemies Calls on Neptune's anger to create a tsunami