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Mel throwing a temper Tantrum.
Type Magic
Color Yellow
Allocation Level 7±7
Target All Enemies
User Mel
Description Stamp on the ground so hard it causes quakes

Tantrum (じだんだ Jidanda) is a tech used in Chrono Cross. Learned after acquiring 40 boss stars, Mel literally throws a temper tantrum, dishing out heavy damage, alongside the Dizzy Status effect on all foes on-screen.

Description[edit | edit source]

Mel jumps up into the air, and as she lands, ripples will form on the ground in a huge radius around her. She will then throw herself down on the ground and promptly start flailing, before getting up and stomping the ground in a fury. She will then pause momentarily and look up to face the foes. She will then leap up high into the air, landing painfully on the ground. This action causes gargantuan boulders to fall from the sky/ceiling, crashing onto the hapless foes.

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

As Mel is visibly a child, she is thus prone to throw temper tantrums rather frequently, and these very tantrums may get out of hand. This tech basically portrays the fits that children of Mel's age usually get into when angered, though in an exaggerated manner.

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