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The Sprigg-transformed Taurminator Charging into a group of SchoolMates.
Type Physical
Color Red
Target Single Enemy
User Taurminator

Charge! (体当たり Tai-atari?, lit. Body Slam) is a Red Enemy Tech used by Taurminators in Chrono Cross. This tech allows the user to literally charge, head-first, into a selected target, dealing heavy damage and inflicting the Burns status effect.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Taurminator in question will start off by giving out a loud roar, whereupon a red-colored energy is observed to be emitted from its body. It then leaps off the ground, and crashes, head-first, into the target. The sheer impact causes the air to be heated up to such an extent that it bursts into flame, engulfing the target momentarily before disappearing.