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The Black Dragon charging up a GravityBomb.
Type Magic
Color Black
Target All Enemies
User Black Dragon

GravityBomb (グラビトンボム , Gurabiton bomu, lit. Graviton Bomb?) is a Black Enemy Tech used by the Black Dragon in Chrono Cross. This tech enables the Black Dragon to charge up a bomb infused with dark energy, which he uses to inflict devastating damage upon all his foes.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Black Dragon will start off by flapping his wings to soar into the air. While in mid-air, he will open his mouth, whereupon a purple-colored orb, alongside a couple of light specks, is charged up. A flash of blue light will engulf the screen momentarily, and when it dissipates, the camera shifts its focus to the foes, whereupon a huge orb of jet-black energy, littered with flashes of electricity, is observed to blow up.