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A Cassowary performing TheOld1-2-3 on a Tragedienne during a Grand Slam Tournamanent.
Type Physical
Color Yellow
Target Single Enemy
User Cassowary
Description Repeat strike attack

TheOld1-2-3 (三連殺 , Sanrensatsu, lit. Triple Kill?) is a Yellow Enemy Tech used by Cassowaries in Chrono Cross. This tech allows its user to strike a selected target three times in a row, dealing fairly heavy damage in the process.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Cassowary in question will start off by disappearing into thin air. It then reappears in front of the selected target, whereupon it will proceed to use its scepter to whack said target a total of three times, knocking said target off his/her feet. A blue-colored energy is released each time the scepter comes into contact with the target's body.