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Color Blue/Yellow
Target Single Enemy
User Puffy, Scorpiod

NeedleWork (針飛ばし , Hari tobashi?) is an Enemy Tech used by Puffies and Scorpiods in Chrono Cross. This tech allows its user to shower a single target with a hail of needles, potentially inflicting the Frozen status effect (Scorpiod) or the Dizzy status effect (Puffy), alongside fairly heavy damage.

Description[edit | edit source]

Puffy[edit | edit source]

The Puffy in question will inflate itself by in-taking a huge gulp of water. This causes its body to appear to be bursting to its seams, whereupon the Puffy will begin shooting red-colored spikes rapidly at a selected target.

Scorpiod[edit | edit source]

Bending their tail/neck appendage toward the target, several ice-blue spikes shoot from its mouth, piercing through in a series of white puffs of energy.

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

NeedleWork is a pun on the fact that Scorpions, upon which Scorpiods are based, have stingers. The same can also be said for Puffies, which are most probably based on Tetraodontidae, which have spines on their bodies. Additionally, Needle work is synonymous with knitting or crocheting. Because these are relatively relaxing and innocuous tasks, the pun may reside in the fact that this tech is the opposite.