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Googhoul uses Gnash on Luccia.
Type Physical
Color Yellow
Target Single Opponent
User Googhoul

Gnash (かみ砕き , Kami kudaki, lit. Chew?) is a Yellow Enemy Tech used by Googhoul in Chrono Cross. Found in Fort Dragonia, Googhouls occasionally cast Gnash, a physical move that strikes a single target below the waist, possibly inflicting the Sprain status effect. While preferring to use normal physical attacks, Googhoul typically unleashes this move should the battle progress beyond three turns.

Description[edit | edit source]

Soaring over to a single target, Googhoul bites the area below the beltline several times repeatedly. After each bite, a flare of purple light emerges from the wounds.

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

In English, the word Gnash means to strike or grind together as with the teeth. Since the animation for this tech presents the creatures as biting the target, the name is appropriate.