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A PreyMantis using Stinger on Norris.
Type Physical
Color Green
Target Single Enemy
User PreyMantis
Description Damage plus poison status effect

Stinger (毒注入 , Doku chūnyū, lit. Venom Injection?) is a Green Enemy Tech used by PreyMantises in Chrono Cross. This tech allows PreyMantises to utilize their stingers to inject venom into a selected target, inflicting both a mediocre amount of damage and possibly the Poison status effect.

Description[edit | edit source]

The PreyMantis in question will rush forward to position itself in front of the selected target. It then attaches its stinger to the target's crotch, before proceeding to inject globules of a green-colored substance into said target's body. A purple mist will then hang around the target's body, which promptly disappears after a short period of time.