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Pierre using Medalsome on himself.
Type Magic
Color Blue
Allocation Level 3±3
Target Self
User Pierre
Description Pray upon the legendary Hero's Medal for help.

Medalsome (バッジスパーク , Bajji supāku, lit. Badge Spark?) is a tech used in Chrono Cross. Learned by Pierre after acquiring three boss stars, Medalsome restores 25% of his health instantly. Pierre must equip the Hero's Medal to perform Medalsome. When combined with the Hero's Blade and Hero's Shield, Medalsome increases all of Pierre's stats and decreases magic damage inflicted on him by 25%.

Description[edit | edit source]

When performed, Pierre removes the Hero's Medal from his sash and points it toward the sky. A blue aureole spans off the medal, healing him. If the frames of the animation are slowed, one sees the blue aureole is, in fact, a hologram of the design on the Hero's Badge.

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

Medalsome appears to be a pun of "meddlesome" with the word "medal" in it, serving as an allusion to the Hero's Medal. Perfectly fitting-in with the idea that heroes meddle in the affairs of villains, it may also allude to the fact that the Hero's Medal is at one point stolen by a little boy in Termina.

Gallery[edit | edit source]