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DarkBreath.png DarkBreath (Black Dragon).png DarkBreath Element.png
Type Magic
Color Black
Target Single Enemy/All Enemies
User Airframe,DeadHead,Black Dragon

DarkBreath (闇ブレス , Yami buresu?) is a Black Enemy Tech used by Airframes,DeadHead,Black Dragon in Chrono Cross. This tech enables the user to breathe out a plume of ominous gas to both inflict fairly heavy damage and the Darkness status effect.This tech also has a low chance of inflicting a negative Status Effect.



The Airframe will fold its wings together, and as it opens them again, it will open its mouth to exhale a thick plume of dark gas at the selected target. The target will then be engulfed by this gas momentarily before said gas disappears.


Directing its line of vision toward a single opponent, DeadHead exhales a jet of dark smoke that smacks into the target.

Black Dragon[edit]

The Black Dragon, on the other hand, will flap his wings to raise himself up into the air. Upon reaching a certain height, he will exhale a thick plume of dark air at all enemies present on-screen, causing them to be knocked off their feet.

Name Origin[edit]

Since this smoke expels from the lungs of a Black Innate creature, this name fits quite well.