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Denadorite Staves turning into swords in Terra Tower.
Type Magic
Color Black
Target Single Enemy
User Guile and Sneff
Description Combined WandaSwords & SwordTrick double attack

SwordStorm (ソードストーム , Sōdo sutōmu?) is a Double Tech in Chrono Cross. Requiring the combined powers of WandaSwords (Guile) and SwordTrick (Sneff), a warped version of a famous sword trick is performed in battle to inflict massive damage to a selected target.

Description[edit | edit source]

An intricately-patterned box with slits on all its sides will materialize in front of Sneff. Sneff will then draw the selected target into the box, whereupon Guile will shrink his staff and cause it to disappear. Guile will then clap his hands once and swipe his left arm forward, whereupon several copies of his staff will materialize in the sky above Sneff's box. Blue-colored rings will appear on each staff copy, turning all of them into swords. The swords will then rain down onto the box, stabbing the top portion relentlessly. The screen will then blank out for a moment, and when it reverts, a light-infused explosion will ensue from the box as Sneff gets down on one knee and hold out his arms triumphantly. Whule this occurs, the target is hurled out of the box and sent crashing back to its starting position.