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Hi-HoChorus Element.png
Daffy Dwarf uses Hi-HoChorus on the party.
Type Magic
Color Yellow
Target Single Enemy
User Daffy Dwarf

Hi-HoChorus (大合唱 , Dai gasshō, lit. Huge Chorus?) is a Yellow enemy Tech used in Chrono Cross. In Hydra Marshes (Home World), before confronting the Hydra, Serge's way is blocked by several Dwarves. During battle, if the two Daffy Dwarves are alive, they, alongside the Dwarf and three Daggy Dwarves, will appear to shout and a shockwave of yellow energy blasts a single target, dealing damage and causing the Status Effect called Dizzy.

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

In the Disney classic, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, the Dwarven miners sing a song called "Hi-Ho" as a symbol of their camaraderie and eagerness to mine. In addition to this, a "chorus" is a section of a song often considered the crux of the song, and is repeated multiple times for aesthetic purposes. Furthering the idea that this technique was based on the movie and its characters, the creatures performing this technique are dwarves, and they also wield shovels as weapons.