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Guillot preparing to perform HotEdge.
Type Physical
Color Yellow
Target Single Enemy
User Guillot

HotEdge (ヒートエッジ , Hīto ejji, lit. Heat Edge?) is a Yellow Enemy Tech used by Guillot in Chrono Cross. This tech allows Guillot to heat up his sword blades until they catch flame, whereupon he will utilize to slash a selected target, inflicting heavy damage.

Description[edit | edit source]

Guillot will start off by placing the tips of his sword arms together, before beginning to charge them up. The hilts of the blades will then glow orange, engulfing the weapons shortly after. Guillot will then rush over to the target and proceed to swing down the blades, one after another, onto said target. Heat-waves will be released from the blades each time they come into contact with the target.