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The KingMoaman using TwinTurbo in battle.
Type Magic
Color Black
Target Single Enemy
User KingMoaman, RedMoaman, BlueMoaman

TwinTurbo (ツインターボ , Tsuin tābo?) is a Black Triple Enemy Tech used by the KingMoaman, RedMoaman and BlueMoaman in Chrono Cross. This tech allows the KingMoaman to draw on both fire and ice magic from his two underlings and unleash a devastating magical attack on a selected target, which may inflict heavy damage.

Description[edit | edit source]

The BlueMoaman and the RedMoaman will start off by charging up their swords with their respective elemental energy. They will then transmit their respective energies to the KingMoaman, who receives the said energies with his scepter. Whirls of translucent energy will soon appear in front of the KingMoaman, whereupon he will swing his fire-and-ice-infused scepter. As he does so, a flurry of embers and snowflakes will be released. The KingMoaman will then literally hurl the gathered energy at the selected target, causing a massive explosion of fire and ice to occur.