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Beat It

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Janice using BeatIt on a Combot.
Type Physical
Color Red
Allocation Level 3±3
Target Single Enemy
User Janice
Description Beat enemy with your trusty bunny-drum

Beat It (ドラムブレス , Doramu buresu, lit. Drum Breath?) is Janice's Level 3 Tech in Chrono Cross. Learned after earning 3 boss stars, Janice literally uses her drum to inflict damage onto a selected target.

Description[edit | edit source]

Janice will start off by gathering her carrot and drum behind her back before doing a cartwheel. She will then leap into the air, and bring the drum and carrot down heavily onto the selected target. This will cause a red orb of energy to gather above the target's head, disappearing in a rain of flames raining in a circle around it. The target will sustain damage as it is flattened by the impact.