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The RoyalJelly using Vortex on the party.
Type Magic
Color Blue
Target All Enemies
User RoyalJelly

Vortex (大渦巻き , Dai uzumaki, lit. Maelstrom?) is a Blue Enemy Tech used by the RoyalJelly in Chrono Cross. This tech allows the RoyalJelly to sweep all its foes into an underwater vortex to both inflict fairly heavy damage and possibly the Flu status effect.

Description[edit | edit source]

The RoyalJelly will start off by swimming forward and gathering its tentacles together. It then begins to twirl around, causing the water around its body to swirl. The water swirls will eventually turn into a vortex of sorts, lifting everyone off their feet into the space above the RoyalJelly. They will then be thrown back to the ground in spirals of water, whereupon the bubbles gathered on their bodies will explode.