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Peppor using Pepporbox on Leena.
Type Physical
Color Red
Target Single Enemy
User Peppor

Pepporbox (シュガタックル , Shuga takkuru, lit. Sugar Tackle?) is a Red Enemy Tech used by Peppor in Chrono Cross. This tech allows Peppor to body slam a selected target, dealing fairly heavy damage in the process. Peppor is known to only use this tech when facing the party in Fossil Valley and Viper Manor.

Description[edit | edit source]

The camera will close up on Peppor's face in slow motion right off the bat. He will then stretch his body to the side before sliding forward and crashing into the selected target. As he rebounds off the target's body, a red-colored ring of energy will flash momentarily before dissipating.

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

The name of this tech, Pepporbox, is a pun on Peppor's name, which strangely resembles the spice of the same name, pepper. As this tech is unique to Peppor and he supposedly boxes a selected target in the animation, hence the name is a fairly befitting one. The Japanese name of this tech, likewise, is a play on Peppor's JP name, Sugar, and is slightly more accurate than the official translation, as Peppor does not visibly punch his target, but slams his body into said target instead.