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Viper uses FlagBearer.
Type Magic
Color Yellow
Allocation Level 7±7
Target Self
User Viper
Description Raise the national flag to raise the fighting spirit.

FlagBearer (蛇骨団旗 , Jyakotsu-dan ki?, "Flag of the Viper Clan") is Viper's seventh-level Yellow tech in Chrono Cross. With Viper present in the party, after recovering Serge's body, inspect the tapestry in the backroom of the bar in Termina (Home World) to receive this tech (the Dragoon's Glory accessory can also found in this room by examining the flag). When performed, it restores his Hit Points by 100% and temporarily increases all stats.

Description[edit | edit source]

Viper stretches his arms out on each side then folds them menacingly. Pointing his right hand out, with the other on his hip, the screen flashes white several times before a humongous blue flag, tied to a flag pole, rises behind him. Undulating in the wind, the blue flag bears the coat of arms for the Acacia Dragoons. The screen flashes white again and the flag disappears. Thereafter, a circle of molten-orange light surrounds his feet, and his entire body glows a white-hot color with several shards of the same colored light racing upward around him.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • FlagBearer can be obtained an unlimited number of times by exiting and re-entering the backroom of the bar and examining the tapestry, so long as the party does not enter and exit the room by way of the door leading to the bar's main room.
  • In front-line military arrangements, the Flag Bearer is a relatively menial task for an infantryman. The purpose of the Flag Bearer was to raise morale and declare one's home-country to the opposing platoon. As a military General of the Acacia Dragoons, Viper seems to serve as a figurehead of sorts, who raised hope for the situation in Porre and whose image was sculpted into a statue in Termina as a symbol of reverence for this role.