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Luxator using OmegaWhite on Lia.
Type Magic
Color White
Target Single Enemy
User Luxator, Slash, Time Devourer

OmegaWhite (オメガホワイト , Omega howaito?) is a White Enemy Tech used by Luxator, Slash and the Time Devourer in Chrono Cross. This tech allows its user to shoot an overpowering orb of light energy at a selected target, dealing massive damage in the process.

Description[edit | edit source]

A pillar of white light will surround the selected target, which slowly spreads out onto the ground. The screen will then be blanked out as the target is sent to outer space, isolated from his/her party members. The target is observed to be facing a radiant sparkle of light energy as light-infused arrows sail past him/her. This sparkle will then enlarge and blow up, whereupon a huge mass of light energy will surge towards the target. The target will then be sent back to the original field, whereupon the target is observed to be engulfed in light energy. The target will sustain damage accordingly as the light energy dissipates.