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The Sprigg-transformed YellowBelly using Slime in battle.
Type Magic
Color Yellow
Target Single Enemy
User YellowBelly
Description Dizzy status effect & seal yellow Elements

Slime (粘液 , Nen eki, lit. Mucus?) is a Yellow Enemy Tech used by YellowBellies in Chrono Cross. This tech allows YellowBellies to regurgitate globules of mucus at a selected target, possibly inflicting the Dizzy status effect and sealing Yellow elements at the same time.

Description[edit | edit source]

The YellowBelly in question will start off by opening its mouth wide. It then spits out three large globules of mucus, one after another, at the selected target. The target will then be momentarily engulfed by the mucus before said mucus vanishes.