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SunOfAGun using the ModeChange
Type Special
Color White
Target Self
User SunOfAGun
Description When used, it changes the SunOfAGun's facial expressions and attack patterns.

ModeChange (モード変化 mōdo henka?) is a White Enemy Tech used by the boss SunOfAGun in Chrono Cross. When used, it changes the boss's facial expression, and in turn, its attack patterns.

Description[edit | edit source]

When used, the SunOfAGun's face will start rapidly changing through a multitude of expressions. As this happens, he will turn around, and stay turned away from the camera for a second. When he turns back towards the screen, he will have one of four expressions on his face (happy, blank, frown, or angry expressions).

Battle and Strategy[edit | edit source]

When ModeChange is used, it changes the SunOfAGun's facial expression, and in turn, its attack patterns. There are a total of four expressions and attack patterns, listed below:

The HolyLight can easily be trapped here when the SunOfAGun has a blank expression due to the fact it is a fixed pattern.