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White (Element)

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This article is about the White (Element) for Chrono Cross. For other elements, see Element Lists.

Here are various White elements used in Chrono Cross.

Name Allocation
Type Target Description
TurnWhite 1/0 Magic Single Enemy/Ally Turn enemy's attribute / ally's attacks white
Revive 1/7 Magic Single Ally Recovers friend from incapacitated status
PhotonRay 1/7 Magic Single Enemy Shoots a bright laser beam at your opponent
WhiteOut 2/0 Consumable Single Ally Removes white status effects
Meteorite 2/6 Magic Single Enemy Drops a comet down on an unsuspecting enemy's head
RecoverAll 3/5 Magic All Allies Restores HP (Medium)
AntiBlack (*) 3/5 Magic Single Enemy Temporarily seals black Elements
PhotonBeam 3/5 Magic Single Enemy Bombards enemy with an extra-powerful laser. Inflicts Fatigued.
Panacea 4/0 Consumable Single Ally Revomes all status effects
Purify 4/4 Magic Single Ally Removes all status effects
StrongMinded 4/4 Magic Single Ally Temporarily increases your magical defense
WeakMinded 4/4 Magic Single Enemy Temporarily decreases your enemy's magical defense
MeteorShower 4/4 Magic All Enemies Hurls several large asteroids at enemies. Inflicts Fatigued.
FullRevival (*) 5/3 Magic Single Ally Recovers incapacitated status and heals all HP
HolyLight 5/0 Trap All Enemies Set trap to catch HolyLight Element
HolyLight 5/3 Magic All Enemies Casts a holy circle (annihilates undead). Inflicts Fatigued.
HolyHealing (*) 6/2 Magic All Allies Restores all HP and removes status effects
Magnify 6/2 Magic All Enemies & Allies Temporarily increases Element damage by 1.5
MagNegate (*) 6/2 Magic Single Ally Temporarily nullifies enemy's magic attacks
UltraNova 6/0 Trap All Enemies Set trap to catch UltraNova Element
UltraNova (*) 6/2 Magic All Enemies Causes an explosion of high-density energy
Unicorn 7/0 Trap All Enemies Set trap to catch *Unicorn Element
Unicorn (*) 7/1 Summon All Allies Holy horse's prayer raises Def & M.Def
Saints (*) 8/0 Summon All Enemies & Allies Army of angels attacks enemies and heals party