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Japanese Name フィルグリーン
Type Magic
Color Green
Allocation Level 1±7
Target One Enemy / Ally
User Any
Price 75 G
Sell 18 G
Vendor locations Marbule (Another World)
Treasure Chests Cupboard in kitchen in Viper Manor (Another World)
Description Turn enemy's attribute / ally's attacks green

TurnGreen (フィルグリーン firu gurīn?, "Feel Green") is a 1st-level Green Element in Chrono Cross. It is a single target spell that can target both enemies and allies alike that, when used, will turn that target's innate element green. The target's previous Element exists simultaneously with this magically induced one.

One can be found in the upper left corner of the kitchen in Viper Manor (Another World) in the cupboard (just above where Orcha is cutting vegetables).

It can also be bought from the shop in Marbule (Another World) for 75 G.