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Imbecile Element.png
Lynx uses Imbecile on Kid.
Japanese Name フーリッシュ
Type Magic
Color Black
Allocation Level 4±4
Target One Enemy
User Any
Price 430 G
Vendor locations Guldove (Home World)
Marbule (Another World)
Won From Rare drop by Combat in Fort Dragonia (Another World)
Description Temporarily decreases the target's magical power

Imbecile (フーリッシュ fūrisshu?, "Foolish") is a 4th-level Black Element in Chrono Cross. Under the target's feet, a glyph of violet symbols appears. Shortly after, several strings of light shoot up and enclose the target, weakening their magical prowess.

Info[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Imbecile is used to discredit the intelligence of a person. An Imbecile is slightly less intelligent than an idiot, but slightly more intelligent than a moron. Since spell-casting and magical ability is often attributed to one's intelligence, weakening intelligence or one's faith in their intelligence would thus weaken magical ability.