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Yellow (Element)

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This article is about the Yellow (Element) for Chrono Cross. For other elements, see Element Lists.

Here are various Yellow elements used in Chrono Cross.

Name Allocation
Type Target Description
TurnYellow 1/7 Magic Single Enemy/Ally Turn enemy's attribute / ally's attacks yellow
Uplift 1/7 Magic Single Enemy Cuts out and drops a block of stone on enemy
Brace 2/0 Consumable Single Ally Heals sprains and yellow status effects
ElectroJolt 2/6 Magic Single Enemy Shocks enemy with an electrical discharge
Capsule 3/0 Consumable Single Ally Restores HP (Medium)
AntiGreen (*) 3/5 Magic Single Enemy Temporarily seals green Elements
Upheaval 3/5 Magic Single Enemy Spears enemy with shards of shattered earth. Inflicts Sprain.
HiRes 4/4 Magic Single Ally Temporarily increases your defense
LowRes 4/4 Magic Single Enemy Temporarily decreases your opponent's defense
ElectroBolt 4/4 Magic Single Enemy Hurls a lightning bolt down on your opponent. Inflicts Dizzy.
YellowField 5/3 Field Effect All Enemies & Allies Colors all field attributes yellow
Earthquake 5/0 Trap All Enemies Set trap to catch Earthquake Element
Earthquake 5/3 Magic All Enemies Crushes enemies beneath giant stone pillars. Inflicts Sprain.
PhysNegate (*) 6/2 Magic Single Ally Temporarily nullifies enemy's physical attacks
ThundaStorm 6/0 Trap All Enemies Set trap to catch ThundaStorm Element
ThundaStorm (*) 6/2 Magic All Enemies Causes a series of thunderbolts to occur
Golem 7/0 Trap All Enemies Set trap to catch Golem Element
Golem (*) 7/2 Summon All Enemies Summons an earth giant to stomp on your enemies
ThundaSnake (*) 8/0 Summon All Enemies An electric serpent zaps anything in its path