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The Porre SGT using the BayonetPlus on Harle.
Type Physical
Color Red
Target Single Enemy
User Porre SGT
Description 14 Damage

BayonetPlus (銃剣殺法改 Jūken sappō kai?, lit. Bayonet Killing Style: Upgraded) is is a Red Enemy Tech used by Porre SGTs in Chrono Cross. This tech, basically an upgraded form of the BayonetGun, enables the Porre SGTs to utilize their bayonet guns to slash through a selected target, dealing fairly heavy damage in the process.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Porre SGT will start off by loading up his bayonet gun and raising it in such a manner that the gun barrel faces the target. He will then fire two shots at the target, causing it to trip and fall. While the target is momentarily stunned on the ground, the Porre SGT will dash forward and, utilizing the blade on his bayonet, slash said target a total of three times.