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Leah using TailSpin on a Pterodact.
Type Physical
Color Yellow
Allocation Level 5±5
Target Single Enemy
User Leah
Description Swirl tail around to create a tornado attack

TailSpin (しっぽたつまき , Shippo tatsu maki, lit. Tornado Tail?) is Leah's Level 5 tech in Chrono Cross. Learned upon gaining 15 boss stars, Leah gains the ability to swirl her tail to form gigantic gusts of wind, which inflict damage on a selected target.

Description[edit | edit source]

Leah will first leap into the air, before landing in front of the selected target. A flash of yellow-colored light is observed to form momentarily on her hind. As this light disappears, Leah's tail will begin to spin, gaining momentum with each successive swirl. Gusts of wind, which become stronger as Leah spins her tail with more vigor, are blown towards the selected target, causing fairly heavy damage.