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Dash & Slash

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Dash&Slash from Chrono Cross
Color White or Black
Target One enemy
User Serge and Lynx
Description A physical attack to one target.

Dash & Slash (ダッシュ斬り , Dasshu kiri?) is a tech used in Chrono Cross. It is learned by Serge at the 3 star mark. Serge quickly slides forward and slices through the enemy, doing damage. When paired with Glenn's Dash&Gash, it can create the dual tech X-Strike. The dual tech X-Strike is a reference to Crono's and Frog's (whose namesake is given to Glenn) own dual tech, X-Strike.This tech can also be performed by Lynx but only in fort dragonia(another world) as an enemy tech.Lynx quickly slides forward and slices through the enemy,doing heavy damage on a process.