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This is a featured article


Sprigg uses Doppelgang in battle.
Color Green
Target Self
User Sprigg
Description Transforms herself into a previously met foe

Doppelgang (スタイルコピー , Sutairu kopī, lit. Style Copy?) is a Green Tech used in Chrono Cross. Once Sprigg is recruited in the Temporal Vortex, she automatically joins outfitted with this Tech. Throughout her travels, she can collect enemies by being the one to defeat them, after which they are added to a collection or pool. Using this Tech, Sprigg can then transform into one of those previously collected enemies, mimicking their stats, their Elements, their strengths, and their weaknesses. Many enemies are trappable ranging from Acacia PVT to YellowBelly. Even Ozzie, Flea, and Slash can be Doppelganged, after being captured in the Bend of Time, in a New Game Plus game save. In total, there are 71 enemies which can be captured.

Sprigg can select the exact creature she would like to transform into before the Tech is performed. Unlike other elements and techs in Chrono Cross, she can also use this tech as many times as she wants to in battle - meaning even after she has used this ability to transform into a specific monster, she can use it again at any time to transform into a different monster.

Initially, it is only possible for Sprigg to capture enemies, which she does by being the one to deliver the killing blow to an enemy in her normal form. Once the Forget-Me-Not Pot has been acquired, any character can trap enemies to be used for Doppelgang, so long as they have the Pot equipped as an accessory, and are the ones to deliver the killing blow to the desired enemy.

The enemies acquired can also be used in the Grand Slam tournament, which is necessary for recruiting the Demi-human rabbit, Janice. Note that it is possible to both participate in and win the tournament without capturing a single enemy, as Sprigg already starts with a few monsters in her collection when she joins the party, though it is much more difficult to win the tournament this way than it would be otherwise as most of these starting monsters are very weak.

Additionally, the creatures kept in the pool for her Dopplegang tech determine the randomly summoned monsters that appear in Korcha's seventh-level tech, BigCatch.


When selected, a menu of possible transformations appears. Sprigg selects one and squats down. Wielding her staff, a glyph of green symbols appears at her feet. A green spire of energy rises from the glyphs and envelops her, causing her to disappear. In her stead, the chosen creature materializes, suspended above the ground. It lowers itself and begins to battle.

List of Possible Doppelgangs

Credit goes to Mystic from GameFAQs for coming up with a Doppelgang guide.

The ten monsters with their names in bold and italics and an asterisk (*) next to their name do not need to be captured, as Sprigg already starts with them, meaning she can transform into them at anytime once she has joined the party. These default monsters are also available for immediate use in the Grand Slam tournament on the S.S. Zelbess.

The five monsters with an "(M)" next to their name are missable, i.e. only available for a limited time (some are only fought once).

The six monsters with a "(NG+)" to the right of their name are only obtainable in New Game +, either because they are one of the three Mystical Knights, or because they only appear before the party has acquired Sprigg and the Forget-Me-Not accessory, and also do not show up in the Bend of Time. All of these monsters are also missable for that playthrough, making for a total of 11 missable monsters (8 if not counting the three Mystical Knights). The rest of the monsters on this list can all be found at any time either in their respective areas, or in the Bend of Time.

Acacia PVT (NG+) Acacia SGT (NG+) Aero Guard Airframe Alphabat
Beach Bum * Beeba (M) Bubba Dingo Bulb * Cassowary
CatBurglar * Combat Combot Crossbones * Cuscus
Cybot DaffyDwarf DaggyDwarf Dead Beat Dodo
Drongo Dwarf Flea (NG+) Fossicker Gerridae
Gizmotoid Gloop Gobledygook * Googhoul Gremlin
Gurgoyle Gyroblade HotDiggity Komodo Pup * Lagoonate *
Mama Dingo Man-At-Arms Man-Of-War Mantarrey Myxomycete
Neo-N-Bulb (NG+) Opah Fish Ozzie (NG+) Paper Boy Porre PVT (M)
Porre SGT (M) Portalgheist Potty Prehysteric PreyMantis
Puffy Rockroach SandSquirt Scorpoid Sidesteppa
Slash (NG+) SnibGoblin * SnobGoblin * Spearfisher Sprigg
Taurminator TotalChaos Tragedienne Tutanshaman Tzetze Fly
Whoot WightKnight (M) WillO'Wisp Wingapede (M) Witchetty
Wraith * YellowBelly

List of Enemies in Bend of Time

Main article: Bend of Time

Name Origin

Doppelgang appears to be a condensed version of Doppelgänger, which is a tangible double of a living person in fiction, folklore, and popular culture that typically represents evil. Additionally, Doppelgang may be a portmanteau of Doppel, which means double in German, and gang, a band of individuals united for a purpose or cause. This makes sense, as the Forget-Me-Not-Pot traps duplicates of enemies and keeps them in a collection, or gang, united for the purpose of helping Sprigg transform into them.

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