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Japanese Name バル (Baru)
Location Viper Manor Sewers
Type None
Gender Varies
Doppelgang Yes
HP Innate
487 Blue
Attack Magic Attack
44 10
Defense Magic Defense
30 16
Drop (Common) Drop (Rare)
Nimble CureAll
Steal (Common) Steal (Rare)
Antiviral Cap IceBlast
Absorbs Immune
n/a n/a
140 G

The Spearfisher is an enemy fought in Chrono Cross. Possessing powerfully-built bodies, these aquatic monsters wear enraged expressions on their faces and wield three-pronged spears as their weapons of choice. Spearfishers can be found roaming about solely in the Viper Manor Sewers, and can be trapped in the Forget-Me-Not Pot and added to the pool of Doppelgangs performed by Sprigg. A Spearfisher may be fought in one of the three rounds in the Grand Slam Tournament, alongside a Gobledygook and a Cybot.

Battle and Strategy[edit | edit source]

Spearfishers usually appear in twos or fours, and are sometimes accompanied by pairs of Lantern Jaws. They attack by piercing selected targets with their spears for fairly heavy amounts of damage, and are known to use a fairly huge range of Blue elements, out of which Nimble and Numble the most frequently. They also a possess a special tech of their own, which is that of IceTongs. IceTongs involves the Spearfisher in question to draw ice-infused energy into the prongs of its spear, before running it through selected targets for fairly heavy amounts of damage. On the whole, Spearfishers may pose quite a fair bit of challenge to under-prepared players, and as such, caution should be exercised when facing off against these creatures.

Element Grid[edit | edit source]

IceBlast-3 IceLance
Nimble-3 TurnBlue+1 IceBlast-1 Vigora-2
Nimble-3 @IceTongs @IceTongs @IceTongs @IceTongs AntiRed+2

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

The name of this enemy, Spearfisher, is a pun on the ancient practice of spearfishing, the custom of spearing fish from rivers and streams using sharpened sticks. In this case, the Spearfisher is much more literal, and instead of using sharpened sticks, they brandish actual metal spears to entrap their foes. As such, the name is a befitting one.

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