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Paper Boy

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Paper Boy
Japanese Name ペーパードール (Pēpā dōru, lit. Paper Doll)
Location Fort Dragonia
Type Matter
Doppelgang No
HP Innate
165 Yellow
Attack Magic Attack
26 10
Defense Magic Defense
5 0
Drop (Common) Drop (Rare)
Capsule WeakMinded
Steal (Common) Steal (Rare)
WhiteOut RecoverAll
Absorbs Immune
300 G

The Paper Boy is an enemy appearing in Chrono Cross. Lurking the dark halls of Fort Dragonia, Paper Boy have the ability to turn invisible at will. Occasionally, as Serge treads dark corridors, Paper Boy materialize and engage him and his friends in battle. Paper Boy sport wispy arms and legs and resemble animate scrolls of parchment. Paper Boys can be trapped in the Forget-Me-Not Pot and added to the pool of Doppelgangs performed by Sprigg.

Battle and Strategy[edit | edit source]

Paper Boy often appear in pairs or triplets. Very rarely will they appear alongside two or more Alphabats. In battle, Paper Boy typically resort to ordinary physical blows, but they are outfitted with the Tech, PaperMoon, which targets one opponent and deals Yellow Magic damage.

Paper Boy are best destroyed quickly, by striking one several times with Serge's Swallow, following this with a single Luminaire or MeteorShower. If the party has acquired Carnivore, that Element serves as an effective alternative. Otherwise, Paper Boy are easily handled in battle, their only threat being PaperMoon.

Element Grid[edit | edit source]

TurnYellow LoRes-1
@PaperMoon @PaperMoon @PaperMoon

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

"Paper Boy" is likely a pun of young males that deliver newspapers door to door.