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Magic Attack

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Magic Attack (also known as Magic Power or simply Magic) is a character stat that shows the extent of a character's magical abilities in Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. Magic Power can be increased through equipping items, such as Magic Scarf, Magic Seal, or Magic Ring, and can be increased by consuming Magic Capsules. Magic Power increases with each level, helps determine the amount of Magic Points are character can use to perform Magic Spells or Techs. The use of Elements in Chrono Cross is effected by Magic Attack. For instance, the damage done by an offensive Element such as AquaBeam or PhotonRay will be greater if a character's Magic Attack is higher; alternatively, characters with a low Magic Attack stat deal less damage when casting offensive elements. Healing spells such as Cure and HealAll restore more Hit Points when the caster has a high Magic Attack score. Elements like Revive have fixed restoration levels and therefore are unaffected by Magic Attack. In Chrono Trigger, however, revive techs like Raise require less MP to cast with higher Magic Attack.

The Magic Attack stat can be Buffed by Elements such Genius and Debuffed with Elements such as Imbecile. Enemy spells and tech are also affected by the this stat, and suffer penalties and boosts when buffs and debuffs are used.