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Double Bomb

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Double Bomb
Double Bomb.png
SNES/PS Name DoublevBomb
MP Costs 15/14
Element Type Fire
Lucca Reqs Megaton Bomb
Robo Reqs Proximity Bomb
Target Robo's immediate area
Description Robo's Max bomb attack

Double Bomb (also known as DoublevBomb in the SNES/PS version) is a dual tech used by Lucca and Robo in Chrono Trigger. This dual tech deals fire damage like most other "explosive" techs. It is learned after Lucca and Robo learn Megaton Bomb and Proximity Bomb respectively.


Lucca throws a small bomb at Robo, who then absorbs the energy spins around while adding his own proximity bomb energy to it. Robo then allows for the energy to build up around him, and then releases it in an outwards wave.

Name Origin[edit]

Since two techs involving "bombs" are used, this name fits.