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Cat Attack

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Cat Attack
Cat attack.png
Learned by Ayla
SNES/PS name Cat Attack
MP cost 3
Element type None
TP required 100
Target One Enemy
Description Savagely claw an enemy.
Double Techs Thunder Chomp

Cat Attack (ひっかきかみつき hikkaki kamitsuki "Scratch and Bite"?) is Ayla's third tech in Chrono Trigger. It causes Ayla to claw and bite at her opponent like a wild cat for 2.2 times the damage of the regular Attack command.

Name origin[edit | edit source]

The Japanese name (引っかき噛み付き) simply pairs the two verbs for scratch ("hikkaki") and bite/snap at (as in snapping one's jaws) ("kamitsuki") together.

The English name is less literal and more figurative, since cats are known for their scratching and biting.