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Chrono Trigger Flametoss.png
Learned by Lucca
Japanese name かえんほうしゃ
SNES/PS name Flame Toss
MP cost 1
Element type Fire
TP required 10
Target Line of Enemies
Description Burn enemies along a direct line.
Double Techs Fire Whirl

Flamethrower (火炎放射 かえんほうしゃ kaen hōsha?) (also known as Flame Toss in the SNES/PS version) is Lucca's 1st-level Tech and the first Elemental Tech learned in Chrono Trigger. Acid use this Tech as well. Lucca learns this very early in the game, and a common strategy is to make her learn it before going to Manolia Cathedral for the first time in the Middle Ages, since Naga are weak to it and you fight a bunch right at the start.

When enemies align themselves or collect into clusters, Flamethrower damages them all.

Description[edit | edit source]

Lucca raises her hand in the air and then points her gun at the enemy, with a line of fire coming out and hitting the target.

Gallery[edit | edit source]