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Rocket Punch

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Rocket Punch
Crono Trigger Rocket Punch.png
Learned by Robo
SNES/PS name RocketPunch
MP cost 1
Element type None
TP required N/A
Target One Enemy
Description Launch fist at an enemy.
Double Techs Fire Punch

Rocket Punch (ロケットパンチ roketto panchi?) is Robo's first tech in Chrono Trigger. When Robo joins the party he already has this tech. When used, he ejects his fist at a single target, punches them, and retracts it again, causing around 1.4 damage to the enemy compared to the regular Attack command.

Enemy Tech[edit | edit source]

Rocket Punch
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Used by R-Series
Atropos XR
Element type None
Target One Character
Description Launch fist at an enemy.

Since the R-Series and Atropos XR are robots similar in make and design to Robo, and they were produced in the same factory, it is no surprised that they possess similar movesets. Alongside Rocket Punch, these characters also use Laser Spin, Robo Tackle, Cure Beam, and Proximity Bomb. The animations of which are identical to Robo's.