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Double Cure

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Double Cure
Double Cure.gif
Used By Marle Sprite.gif Marle
Frog Sprite.gif Frog
SNES/PS Name Double Cure
MP Costs 5/5
Marle Reqs Cure II
Frog Reqs Cure II
Target All allies.
Description Fully restores all allies' HP and status.

Double Cure (Wケアルガ daburu kearuga "Double Curaga"?) is a double Tech in Chrono Trigger. It is used by Marle and Frog. When cast, several yellow sparkles surround the casters and targets, restoring all Hit Points and curing all Status Effects.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the Japanese language, the letter "W", as found in this technique's Japanese name, is often used as a stand in for the English loanword "Double". This is because the letter "W (double u)" and "double" are pronounced the same in Japanese: ダブル daburu.