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Slurp Slash

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This article is about Frog's Tech. You may be looking for other uses.
Slurp Slash
Chrono Trigger Slurp Cut.png
Frog uses SlurpSlash on Spekkio.
Learned by Frog
SNES/PS name Slurp Cut
MP cost 2
Element type None
TP required 15
Target One Enemy
Description Snag an enemy with tongue, then slash it.
Double Techs X-Strike
Frog Launcher
Triple Techs Triple Attack
3-D Attack

Slurp Slash (ベロロン斬り beroron giri?) (also known as Slurp Cut in the SNES/PS version) is a Tech in Chrono Trigger. It is Frog's second Tech and his first offensive Tech.

Description[edit | edit source]

Frog sticks out his tongue and beige circles head towards the targeted enemy, pulling it toward Frog. Then, the amphibian knight brandishes his Broad Sword to slash the enemy. If the enemy is too heavy, Frog is violently pulled at the enemy. Frog makes a surprised facial expression and the attack misses.

Gallery[edit | edit source]