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Fire II

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Fire II
CT Fire II Tech.jpg FireII.jpg
Learned by Lucca, Magus
SNES/PS name Fire 2
MP cost 8
Element type Fire
TP required 400, N/A
Target All Enemies
Description Attack all enemies with fire.
Double Techs Fire Sword II
Antipode Bomb II
Fire Tackle
Blaze Kick
Triple Techs Delta Force
Ring of Fire
Delta Storm
Gatling Kick
Eternal Darkness
Fire II
Once-King Dalton performing Fire II.
Used by King Dalton
Spekkio (fourth form)
Spekkio (fifth form)
Once-King Dalton
Crimson Shade
SNES/PS name Fire 2
Element type Fire
Target All Characters
Description Attack all enemies with fire.

Fire II (ファイアガ faiaga "Fireaga"?) (also known as Fire 2 in the SNES/PS version) is Lucca's 6th-level Tech and one of Magus's starting magics in Chrono Trigger.

Description[edit | edit source]

As Lucca raises her hand, a red, semi-transparent ring expands starting from her to the boundaries of the battlefield. Then the whole area starts to burst in flames with numerous explosions spread out throughout it and all enemies get hit.

Damage calculations[edit | edit source]

For Lucca: Damage = (Level + Magic) * 14 * 3.2 * (1 - Enemy's Magic Defense/102.4) / Enemy's Elemental Defense + Random Range

For Magus: Damage = (Level + Magic) * 18 * 3.2 * (1 - Enemy's Magic Defense/102.4) / Enemy's Elemental Defense + Random Range

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

The Japanese name of this spell, ファイアガ faiaga, is very similar to the fire spell from the Final Fantasy series ファイガ faiga usually localized as "Firaga" - it is not, however, exactly the same, as the Chrono Trigger tech has an additional ア "a" syllable between the イ "i" and the ガ "ga" syllables.

They also differ in that the Final Fantasy spell is usually the third and strongest spell in the Fire series of spells, while the Chrono Trigger tech is merely the second in line, with Flare being the strongest Fire spell. This latter point is often a source of confusion for fans of both series, as Flare in Final Fantasy, unlike Chrono Trigger, is generally a non-elemental spell, despite its visual appearance in most games being a fiery explosion.

Enemy Tech[edit | edit source]

Fire II can be used by enemies too, namely King Dalton, Once-King Dalton, Spekkio's fourth and fifth forms and Crimson Shade. The animation sequence is the same as when Lucca uses it.