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Proximity Bomb

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Proximity Bomb
Proximity Bomb.png
Learned by Robo
SNES/PS name Area Bomb
MP cost 14
Element type Fire
TP required 800
Target Enemies close to Robo
Description Damage enemies w/ Meltbeam
Double Techs Double Bomb
Proximity Bomb
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Used by Atropos XR
Element type Fire
Target Enemies close to the Enemy
Description Blast surrounding enemies.

Proximity Bomb (サークルボム sākuru bomu "Circle Bomb"?) (also known as Area Bomb in the SNES/PS version) is Robo's seventh tech and an enemy skill. As it's name implies, it will only hit enemies close to Robo. It has a large range, being able to strike enemies relatively far away. As most other "explosive" related techs; it deals fire element damage. Robo builds up energy, and then releases it in a fiery explosion which surrounds him as well as his immediate area.

Enemy Tech[edit | edit source]

Proximity Bomb is a tech used by Robo, a series of robot created in the Geno Dome in the Future. Atropos XR is also a robot from that creation center, so it is no surprise she would use an identical tech in battle.

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

Proximity is a word meaning "near-ness". In explosive artillery, a proximity mine triggers its explosive material when objects pass within its motion detector's range.