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Learned by Crono
Japanese name 回転切り
SNES/PS name Cyclone
MP cost 2
Element type None
TP required 5
Target Circle of Enemies
Description Whirl about enemy, striking others nearby.
Double Techs Aura Whirl, Fire Whirl,
Supersonic Spin, Drill Kick
Triple Techs Lifeline, Triple Attack,
Twister, 3-D Attack

Cyclone (かいてんぎり kaiten giri?) is Crono's 1st-level Tech in Chrono Trigger.

Description[edit | edit source]

Crono leaps into a group of enemies, spinning his sword around very quickly, striking them multiple times. It strikes one main enemy (signified by the solid cursor) and nearby enemies in a circle (signified by blinking cursors).

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The movement Crono makes is very similar to that of a cyclone, so it's fitting.

Technique Combinations[edit | edit source]

Cyclone is a versatile skill, able to be combined at some point in the game with all of the characters (except Magus). It is used as part of four double techniques and four triple techniques.

Double Tech Character Other Technique Character Other Technique
Aura Whirl Marle Aura - -
Fire Whirl Lucca Flamethrower
(Flame Toss)
- -
Supersonic Spin Robo Laser Spin - -
Drill Kick Ayla Roundillo Kick
(Rollo Kick)
- -
Lifeline Marle Arise Robo Laser Spin
Triple Raid Frog Slurp Slash
(Slurp Cut)
Robo Robo Tackle
3-D Attack Frog Slurp Slash
(Slurp Cut)
Ayla Triple Kick
Twister Robo Laser Spin Ayla Tail Spin