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Roundillo Kick

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Roundillo Kick
Chrono Trigger Rollo Kick.png
Learned by Ayla
SNES/PS name Rollo Kick
MP cost 2
Element type None
TP required 60
Target One Enemy
Description Jump-kick an enemy.
Double Techs Drill Kick
Flame Kick
Spin Kick
Bubble Burst

Roundillo Kick (まるまじろキック marumajiro kikku "Marumadillo Kick"?) (also known as Rollo Kick in the SNES/PS version) is Ayla's second tech in Chrono Trigger. While she does this Tech, it makes a Roundillo sound.

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

This Tech is named after the Roundillo enemy. While the connection is fairly obvious in the Japanese and modern English localizations, this connection might have been lost to many players of the old SNES localization, as the old name for the tech is "Rollo Kick", while the old name for the enemy is "Roly".