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Aerial Strike

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Aerial Strike
Chrono Trigger Leap Slash.png
Learned by Frog
SNES/PS name Leap Slash
MP cost 4
Element type None
TP required 250
Target One Enemy
Description Attack an enemy with lightning.
Double Techs Lightning Rod
Line Bomb
Triple Techs Frost Arc

Aerial Strike (ジャンプ斬り janpu giri "Jump Cut/Slash"?) (also known as Leap Slash in the SNES/PS version) is Frog's fifth Tech in Chrono Trigger.

When used, Frog will briefly raise his sword up to the heavens with both hands before jumping high in to the air, temporarily going off screen, after which he will come flying down slashing the enemy with his sword, which will cause around 2.2 times the amount damage of the regular Attack command.